Games to improve your relationships

Sunday, September 17th, 2023

Games can play such an important role in helping us to be vulnerable and open in relationships. We all know communication is important, but it’s not always easy to open up out of the blue.

Here are some of our fave relationship games from @nowplaythis festival and beyond to help you create healthier friendships, work relationships, romantic or sexual relationships or even a relationship with your self.

… with partners

Where Should We Begin – relationship therapist Esther Perel has created this game to enable vulnerability and closeness through stories about each other.

Let’s f*cking date – turn up the heat both emotionally and in the bedroom with this hot card game.

Servd – liven up everyday activities with this real life card game. Gamify who’s cooking dinner, who’s organising date night and more.

… with friends

We’re not really strangers – a thought-provoking card game that will bring you closer together and spark meaningful conversation.

Icebreaker (Best Self) – get to know your besties better with these intriguing conversation starters.

Who in the Room – have a giggle and find out what your friends really think of you.

… with colleagues

Topix – forget the small talk with this thought-provoking conversation game. Get to know your colleagues for improved team dynamics.

Building Blocks – designed explicity for co-workers with 101 questions about your job, team and connection with co-workers.

The Work Friends Card Deck (Beyond Mondays) – build connection and rapport in your team with these work specific question cards that will help you understand each other’s way of working & personal goals.

… with yourself

We’re Not Really Strangers self-reflection kit – take some time to reflect on what matters to your with this insightful card game meets journalling prompts combo.

Re-Flex – If you want to explore why you think the things you do, this is for you. Dive deep and think big with this pack that can be played alone or with others.

Know Yourself prompt cards – this deck by School of Life combines their usual philosophical approach to psychology so you can really get into your own mind.