“I’d like to talk to someone about my relationship, but I just don’t have the time!”

We hear this a lot. Work pressures, family pressures, the sheer hassle of everyday life mean that many people do not have the time to come to our centres and so their relationship issues get put on hold.

Who can be supported by Online Counselling?

We are offering online counselling for individuals, couples, and young people.

What other services are offered online by video call?

We also provide sex therapy and mediation through video call.

What are the benefits of online Counselling?

  • Greater flexibility and convenience: Our online counselling service via video call provides all the benefits of face to face counselling but allows you to connect with your counsellor from any location that is convenient for you: at home or somewhere private at work.
  • Cuts out travel time so great if you are short of time
  • Cuts out travel expenses.
  • Online counselling via video call is fully interactive and completely confidential.
  • Online counselling can be used by yourself or with your partner too. If you and your partner live in different places you can both take part in the session just from different locations.
  • Online counselling can also be used by two members of a family who are accessing our family counselling service either from the same location or two different places.

Most importantly during this unprecedented time it means we can continue to support you whilst practising social distancing and keeping both you and our counsellors safe.

Impact of Covid 19

We have been offering online counselling using video call for some time as it offers an alternative to face to face counselling when you have limited free time available. Due to the current situation of Covid-19 we have temporarily stopped face to face counselling but we are continuing to offer our support through our online counselling service. We have highly skilled and professional therapists offering online counselling via video call using a platform called Zoom.

During these unsettling times when we are being forced to make huge changes to the way we live our lives, reducing our contact with friends and family, and coping with our own fears and anxiety about what is going on around us, any problems in our relationships can be exacerbated or brought to the surface. We want you to know we are still very much here to support you in your relationships. Counselling via video call may not have been something you would have considered before Covid-19 but the current climate is encouraging us all to live differently. If you need help in your relationship we urge you to give online counselling a try.  The feedback from our clients who have moved over to online counselling is very positive with many feeling it is no different to face to face counselling.

Telephone Counselling

Many of our counsellors are also trained to offer telephone counselling. If you are interested in telephone counselling please contact us to find out if it would work for you.