Learning and Courses (Workshops)

We believe that relationship skills can be learned and that it helps to talk about relationships with other people who are going through similar things. Our workshops can help you to put things in perspective, learn how to deal with difficult situations, restore balance to family life and keep time aside for you and those close to you. We have a range of courses that are delivered in our centre, at schools and colleges and we can design bespoke courses. Please see our current range below. Prices vary according to the course length and number of participants. Please contact our Reigate centre if you would you are interested.

For you
Boost your confidence, improve your communication skills or learn how to deal with challenges in our series of workshops for individuals.

  • Help yourself let go of anxiety – To provide individuals with a better understanding of the basis and personal patterns of anxiety and to learn about and discuss the effects of anxiety and how to deal positively with it, within a facilitated, supportive self-help group

For couples
Are you making a commitment? – moving in together, having a baby or getting married?

For parents and families
Expecting your first baby? Already a parent and want to enhance your parenting skills? Problems with understanding teenagers? These workshops can help.

  • Teentalk – To help parents and carers understand and manage adolescent behaviour. Parents get the opportunity to learn about adolescent development and the development of the adolescent brain. Parents gain some understanding of adolescent behaviour, thinking and emotion and think about developing some coping strategies and mechanisms in order to communicate more effectively with your teenager.

If you’re separating
Coping with the break-up of a relationship or divorce? These workshops can help you work through your emotions and move forward.

  • Parents Apart – For individuals or couples who wish to develop improved relationships between parents when they are divorcing or separating. Participants learn to recognise the change in relationship from parent to co-parent, how to apply an understanding of child development to the divorce experience and consider how to help their children through it. Participants also learn to develop a plan off how to protect their children from both open conflict and loyalty conflicts and start to plan for how contact works.
  • Moving forward – For individuals who have experienced divorce or separation from a committed adult relationship and who would like to increase their understanding of the process of coming to terms with it, as well as build confidence for the future and find mutual support of people in a similar situation.

Support groups
A friendly and non-judgemental place to gain advice and share experiences with like-minded people who are in a similar situation.

For the workplace
Learn how to support others and deal with challenging behaviour in the workplace in our workshops aimed at managers and employees.

For schools and colleges (children and young people ages 10 plus)
A series of workshops for schools on relationship issues such as first relationships, sexuality, self-esteem, and communication.

  • Understanding mental health for teenagers – To give young people (14-21 years) a better understanding of mental health issues and where to access help. Participants learn to de-stigmatise mental health issues and explore ways of managing emotions.
  • Smart Positive Relationships – This workshop gives young people the opportunity to learn how to recognise respectful and healthy relationships at a time when friendships can seem so complex. Young people explore assertiveness, respect and boundaries and develop confidence and self esteem around relationships.
  • Get to know your caveman & understanding anger – This workshop enables participants to acquire a better understanding of the physical and emotional bases of angry behaviour. Participants explore their personal behaviour patterns and look at ways to develop a greater understanding of those of people they encounter. Methods of dealing more successfully with angry behaviour are examined.
  • Calming the chaos – managing anxiety for teenagers. This workshop is for young people between the ages of 16-18 years of age. Participants learn and discuss the effects of anxiety and how to positively deal with it, within a facilitated, supportive self help group.

For professionals
Skill development workshops aimed at professionals in public sector or charity organisations.

  • Counselling skills & couple dynamics for Mediators – A course for mediators to enable to develop awareness of the counselling process and the skills involved when working with Couples. Participants practice and improve on some key counselling skills and develop their ability to manage interviews using counselling skills.

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