Training Placements update

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

Train to be a Relate Counsellor

Being a Relate counsellor gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives and can be an incredible rewarding job.

We are now taking placement applications from students wishing to study the Level 5 Diploma in Relational Counselling or the Relate Certificate in Relational Counselling

To apply, you will need to have a Level 4 counselling qualification or above and have experience of working with clients.

Relate courses are designed to fit as much as possible around your current work life and so the training is part-time, often held at weekends and your placement will be evenings or weekends.

Training with Relate provides a good quality of learning, accredited by CPCAB. Your placement, trainer and supervisor work cohesively to apply your training to your personal progress and client work.  Relate provided individual and group supervision as part of the course as well as access to a catalogue of online CPD.

“I had wanted to work for Relate for a number of years as I was passionate about supporting family life and had seen the work they do. I finally took the plunge and contacted my local college to start my counselling training. It seemed like a long road but actually flew by and soon I was starting my Level 5 Diploma in Relational Counselling. As well as being able to study relationships to a deeper level, I also learnt how to balance the needs of two, or more, clients in the room which was quite different from individual training and is really important to the work. I loved that my supervisor, centre manager and trainer were all working together in the same organisation as this made everything flow well. I found everyone at RMS friendly and supportive and so after my training I went on to complete my Certificate of Proficiency and take up a Qualified Practitioner role.  In time I am looking forward to further specialising with Relate. “ (Relate Mid-Surrey Counsellor)

More information on the above courses can be found here:  Please check the entry requirements carefully.

Further details of placement applications to Relate Mid-Surrey see our current vacancies page: