Monday, May 6th, 2024

Support Relate

Thank you so much to our clients who have given permission to share their testimonial of relationship counselling for couples.  Our joint hope is that it will encourage others who may benefit to take the first step in seeking support.

“I came along with my partner as we were arguing constantly, not big arguments but constant small niggles and snipes at each other which were wearing us both down and making us both unhappy.  We decided on Relate as they are a longstanding service which we had both heard of and thought they would have the experience and understanding that we needed essentially for couples. We were both definite that we did not want to split up, we were clear on that, but that we could not carry on as we were.

We were able to chat openly and honestly about contentious issues in a neutral surrounding with excellent guidance and support from our counsellor. We learnt a lot about each other and also learnt how childhood experiences and relationships with important people in our lives had shaped us into the people we are now, and how some of this may affect our behaviour and thinking.

We learned and practised different exercises in how to speak and more importantly really listen to each other, not all of them worked for us, but the point was to find at least one that did, and we have. Our lives together now, as a result of the counselling, are calmer, happier and I feel that I am embraced once again in a loving relationship.”


If you would like to talk to us about whether we can help you on your relationship or personal journey, please contact us by phone, email or via our website contact form

Reigate office:  01737 245212     [email protected]

Epsom office:  01372 722976      [email protected]

Bursaries and financial assistance available. You may also qualify for reduced or free session via one of our partnerships