Client Testimonial – couple and individual counselling

Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

Thank you so much to our clients who have given permission to share their experience of attending relationship counselling as a couple and as an individual.  Our joint hope is that it will encourage others who may benefit to take the first step in seeking support.

“I was struggling with relationships in my life, mainly that of my marriage. This was heavily in part I was also struggling with my identity having recently become a mum and having been financially independent all my life to having to rely on my partner. I’d exhausted all the advice from family and friends before seeking professional guidance and advice. It felt the communication and conversation had disappeared from my marriage and everything had turned into ‘baby, baby, baby’. We’d both lost ourselves.

My in-laws (who’ve been married for over 40 years!) used Relate when they hit a change in their marriage and highly recommended them.

When meeting our counsellor, she was approachable, created a safe space for us and listened to our issues, even when we were not listening to each other.  She explained sometimes why things in relationships break and each week gave us tools how to repair and reinstate our relationship.

We also opted for individual counselling sessions which helped me to express myself freely and get tailored advice for other issues which were affecting my marriage.

In a short period of time, my partner and I are and have been on the same page ever since. When we have arguments or disagreements we use the tools which were provided by Relate to work together instead of fighting. We’ve also learnt to accept each other strengths. I personally have learnt to relinquish control and ask for help when needed. I often hear others say ‘use your words’ which is exactly what Relate has taught me to do!”

If you would like to talk to us about whether we can help you on your relationship or personal journey, please contact us by phone, email or via our website contact form.

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Bursaries and financial assistance available. You may also qualify for reduced or free session via one of our partnerships