Relationships Week

#RelationshipsWeek #RelationshipRocks

Welcome to our first-ever Relationships Week (20-26 July), bringing together voices from across the UK to highlight the importance of healthy relationships in our lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has perhaps been the biggest test of relationships in recent history. We’ve heard a lot about relationships coming under pressure but relationships have also been vital for getting us through this difficult time. That’s why the theme of the Week is ‘relationships unlocked’ – and why we want to start a national conversation about every aspect of our relationships.

We’re encouraging everyone to talk more openly about relationships – whether it’s to thank someone for their support during lockdown or to begin addressing issues that have been swept under the carpet in recent months.

Here’s a video of Relationship Psychologist, Broadcaster and Relate Vice-President, Anjula Mutanda, talking about our #RelationshipRocks social media campaign and how you can get involved.

Here’s how you can join the conversation this week:

  • Take part in our #RelationshipRocks social media campaign. Thank your #RelationshipRocks – the friends, family, partners, colleagues and neighbours who’ve supported you through lockdown. For instructions on how to take part on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, click here.
  • Add the Relationships Week Facebook frame to your profile picture.
  • Share our infographic. Our new poll of more than 2,000 people provides a snapshot of the UK’s couple, social and family relationships as the nation emerges from lockdown. Download the infographics and mini graphics here and share the findings on social media.
  • Read and share our blogs. We’ll be launching a new blog on each day of the week.

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